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pH elektroda za emulzije i polučvrste uzorke

The HI1612D is a glass body, refillable, single junction pH electrode with a DIN connector. This electrode has a triple ceramic junction in the outer reference cell and the conical pH sensing portion is made with low temperature glass. It is also designed with a built-in temperature sensor for temperature compensated measurements in a single probe design. This design consideration is ideal for emulsions, fats and creams, soil and semi-solid samples, low conductivity solutions, and for measuring samples at cooler temperatures. The HI1612D is recommended for use with Hanna’s HI8314 pH meter.





Body Material glass
Reference single, Ag/AgCl
Junction / Flow Rate ceramic, triple / 40-50 μL/h
Electrolyte 3.5M KCl + AgCl
Range pH: 0 to 14
Max Pressure 2 bar
Tip Shape conic (12 x 12 mm)
Diameter 12 mm
Body Length / Overall Length 120 mm / 175.5 mm
Recommended Operating Temperature -5 to 70°C (23 to 158°F) – LT
Temperature Sensor yes
Matching Pin no
Amplifier yes
Digital no
Cable 5-pole; 1 m (3.3′)
Connection DIN
Applications emulsions, semi-solid products